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Setouchi Lemon Farm Set


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Setouchi Lemon Farm Set


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NOTE: This product is for international buyers.
Not for sale in Japan (the price includes international shipping fee).

The assortment of condiments made with Setouchi lemon peel.
They can accentuate various dishes and add a fresh lemon taste.

*Aged Moshio Lemon
The Setouchi lemon's skin and juice are aged with salt.
It adds depth to the dishes.

*Lemon and Onion Magic Seasoning
Made with plenty of onions and Setouchi lemon peel.
Fresh lemon taste pairs well with steak, roast beef, fish or steamed vegetables.

*Salt and Lemon Extravirgin Olive Oil
Moshio lemon and lemon juice are added to the extra virgin olive oil.
Perfect for salad, bread and pasta.

*Lemon Curd
Made with lemon and butter. This rich cream goes well with
toast, pancakes and yogurt.

【About Setouchi Lemon Farm】
Setouchi Lemon Far grows lemons in Ikuchi-Jima, an island where the majority of
lemons are produced in Japan.
With strong ties to the local community, their focus is to make products
using their locally grown produce. Through growing lemons with edible skins,
they've realized that being a conduit between their local farmers and the consumers 
is the most important thing and that's what they drive them to thrive.

■Set Includes: Lemon and Onion Magic Seasoning x 1, Salt and Lemon Extravirgin Olive Oi x 1l, Aged Moshio Lemon x 1, Lemon Curd x 1
【Lemon and Onion Magic Seasoning】215g
【Salt and Lemon Extravirgin Olive Oil】120ml
【Aged Moshio Lemon】120g
【Lemon Curd】130g
【Lemon and Onion Magic Seasoning】Onion, oy Sauce, Fermented Seasoning, Mirin, Vegetable Oil, Salted Lemon (Lemon Peel, Lemon Juice, Salt),
Sugar, Kombu Dashi, Black Pepper (This product partially contains soy and wheat.)
【Salt and Lemon Extravirgin Olive Oil】Olive Oil, Salted Lemon, Lemon Juice
【Aged Moshio Lemon】Lemon Peel, Lemon Juice, Salt
【Lemon Curd】Tensai sugar, Egg, Butter, Lemon Peel, Lemon Juice, Salt (This product partially contains milk.)
■Weight (Including Packaging): 1467g
■Made in Hiroshima 
■Storage: Avoid direct sunlight or high temperature.
■Brand: Setouchi Lemon Farm
■Manufacturer: Yamato Foods Co., Ltd. 

■ 我们不能交付给以下国家。
  ・ Japan

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